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Architecture & Interior design

The Swahili design of Mr. Kahawa Restaurant and Lofts is a mixture of Arabian influences from the island, with a modern Mediterranean feel. The use of local building methodes, materials and finishing Neru – coloured concrete – make it unique.

The architecture focuses on the user – user centered design – and tries to give the user the right surrounding, each moment of the day. The sun is dictating a lot of the decisions. Wake up with the sun, hide from the sun when having a lunch or enjoy the sun to get a tan, with the amazing views over the ocean, even when having a shower or laying on the bed.

The interior design is a mix of local the fabrics kitenge, dhow woodwork – made from old local sailing boats – and carved woodwork for some of the furnitures.

Hire us:

Do you want to build or rebuild your hotel or house, we can help you to build your dream on Zanzibar.

From setting up a plan from scratch or rebuilding an existing building, making drawings, mood- and material boards, upto technical drawings and guiding with the building process  – let us build your dream under our supervision. Also the interior design and designing furnitures, we can do it for you. We have over ten years of experience on the island, a huge network of the best fundi’s (craftsmen), and a master degree in industrial-design engineering.

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